Welcome to EVACO artistic palace!
Originally from the pure Italian home design concept, integrated the fine lineage of Italian home into modern home design, with simple and delicate, fashionable and elegant. Great truths are the simplest, which achieved Italian modern minimalist styles.
EVACO home furnishing emphasizes the simplification of lines, pursues the practicability and flexibility of space, and advocates greater use efficiency in limited space. Concise color collocation with small span of color system, which strengthens the overall sense of space.
Certainly, as the EVACO’s designers, sorry, the artists in fact, in their powerful and unconstrained style designs, also have not abandoned the pursuit of process quality. We have inherited German exquisite craftsmanship, from home furnishing layout in general to joints design in detail, EVACO melts aristocratic ritual into minimalism with precision and elegance.
EVACO is mainly high-end customization, covers cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, living room cabinets and other cabinets, dedicated to the design of high-end art quality enjoyment which belongs to you. Since 2015 the company established, which has been adhered to the design concept of "Italian spirit & German craftsmanship", gradually formed our brand advantages and culture, and stand out in the development of the industry.
Several experience centers under EVACO have been established in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Fujian, Xining and so on, which have gained good evaluation and reputation in the home market. EVACO's hardbound engineering products have received attention repeatedly from domestic real estate companies after their appearance. At present, several projects have cooperated with Greentown, Zhongying Black Forest and RONGAN real estate,which achieved remarkable results.